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At Oklahoma City Limo, we believe in giving you freedom to choose from a number of vehicles for any given event. If you need an expert opinion, we are happy to help you choose, because we really want you to make the most of our unique and diverse limo experience. We make sure that every vehicle is mechanically tested and serviced after each ride. We also train our chauffeurs on a regular basis to make sure you get the best services. As a result, our limo service boasts a quality standard that’s light years ahead of the competition.

Here are some special occassions where you should hire Oklahoma City Limo:
Executive Events
We have had a long list of corporate clients who trust us to deliver services which they can rely on. If you haven’t worked with us before, then you’ll be glad to know that our chauffeurs have driven high-ranking C-suite executives, out-of-state visitors, delegations and associates with a high sense of urgency and corporate responsibility. We know where all the best restaurants and hotels are, and it’s safe to say your business does not have to put anything on hold when you choose Oklahoma City Limo.

Airport Pick and Drop
Having a special family event or get together where your extended family is flying from overseas? Is the head office inspection team arriving on a short notice to check things at your branch? Whether you’re looking to impress or just have someone to pick you up when needed, you can rely on our airport pick-and-drop service. Our chauffeurs also understand the sensitivity or special requirements certain situations demand, in which case they make sure your guests are accommodated and entertained according to your instructions. Take a breath and relax; if you have important guests flying in and you’re busy, Oklahoma City Limo will entertain your guests and show them around until you are free to join them later.

We understand that you want your wedding day to be unique and one to remember for years to come. Our chauffeurs will pick and drop all your guests as you wish. No need to draw out a map for us, because we can easily accommodate pick and drop requests on the go. Our dedicated chauffeurs see to it that none of the burden associated with guest transportation rests on your shoulders.

We have a limousine fleet at our disposal that’s well-suited to all kinds of parties, and makes your night an unforgettable one. Whether you’re out partying late with your wild “dudebro” school friends or taking in a pleasant evening with office colleagues, Oklahoma City Limo knows how to show you and your group a good time. We cater to corporate and private parties, so if you want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or co-worker’s promotion, our large, roomy party RVs and luxury limousines are an ideal choice. Lose yourself in a night of wine drinking while in the arms of a loved one or celebrate life with your friends and associates like never before.

Vineyard Tours
If you’re visiting Oklahoma city, heading back without checking out the local wineries and vineyards is akin to blasphemy! If you’re a tourist and don’t enjoy tour buses particularly, then you can give us a call at (405) 455-8094 and start your vineyard tour in style. If you have guests and relatives with you, who are especially interested in getting to know Oklahoma City better, give us a shout out and show you around some of the best wineries this side of town has to offer.

Our chauffeurs are highly knowledgeable on local wineries and routes, and since winery tours can often become crowded on other modes of transport, we would be honored to offer you and your guests a private tour. Imagine travelling around in a luxury limousine, tasting some of the best wines the city has to offer, and getting to know firsthand how these delicate drinks are made. We assure you it’s an experience you won’t be forgetting soon.

Other Events
In addition to the above, we also cater to other special events, depending on what your requirements are. No matter what the logistic challenge, our chauffeurs are equipped to deal with it in the most responsible and professional way.Your satisfaction at Oklahoma City Limo is always guaranteed.

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