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Lincoln Stretch Town Car

Just like the Lincoln Town Car, the Lincoln Stretch is also a timeless symbol of class and sophistication. Most people picture the Lincoln Town Car whenever they think about a limousine and this isn’t merely by accident; the Lincoln Stretch Town Car is the benchmark every other limousine manufacturer has been following all along. The ultra lavish ride coupled with an extremely sleek and smooth-looking exterior is why it turns so many heads.

Our VIP clients have always preferred this limousine over other ones, even the ones that are ten folds more expensive. The Lincoln Stretch Town Car is the top choice for people of all social classes and statures such as athletes, politicians, celebrities and business moguls, simply because it represents success, class and prosperity. If you’ve had the privilege of riding in a Lincoln Stretch Town Car before, you might be surprised and pleased at how Oklahoma City Limo delivers the same experience in a highly customized way. Just give us a call at (405) 455-8094 and see how it can be a life-changing experience.

This limousine is one of the most outstanding performance stretch cars in our fleet and also sports a nice variety of interior gadgets. Everything is ergonomically placed making sure interior luxuries and conveniences are never out of reach. Let’s have a look at what the interior offers:

● Beautiful leather interior with a hint of old wood
● Foldable trays and reading lights
● One touch power windows
● Premium sound quality through amplified surround audio system
● Rear duct ventilation
● Fiber Optic Lightning and Strobe lights
● Power seats adjustment
● Wrap-around seats
● Fiber Optic with strobe lights
● Choice between mirrored or disco-ceiling
● TV and DVD system with LCD
● Complete entertainment hub with auxiliary and iPod integration

What’s Special about theLincoln Stretch Town Car
Lincoln Stretch Town Car is one of the most in-demand limousines in the entire limo industry. It’s become a part of the US culture and heritage and we are honoured to extend this privilege to you. The Lincoln Stretch car has been the luxury limo of choice when CEOs and high-ranking execs are looking for diverse ways to sign off deals and have corporate meetings over weekends.

Have meetings on the go, arrive at your wedding day in style, impress a foreign delegation and bag your one of your company’s biggest deal ever in the Lincoln Stretch Town Car. Or just have a great time with your friends and visit refreshing and relaxing wineries as well as beautiful landmarks Oklahoma City has to offer.

Your Lincoln Stretch Town Car Experience with Us
Accompanying you is a chauffeur who has years of limo driving experience under his belt. Experience a smooth ride from dusk till dawn in our Lincoln Stretch Town Car. We are only a phone call away at (405) 455-8094, where an Oklahoma City Limo representative will be happy to accommodate you in any way possible.

Our chauffeurs don’t just rely on the latest vehicle-installed GPS modules but also know the best local routes to get you to your destination through the least amount of traffic. We are never late and all our chauffeurs are highly responsible individuals when it comes to adherence to schedule.

When you hire us you are investing your trust in us, and that’s something we really want to uphold. it is for this very reason we have marked certain rules on which our company’s vision is built on:

★ We are never late; for us arriving or dropping you off at a destination is the most important part of the limo service. We want you to not only enjoy our lavish rides and services, but also work strictly according to your schedule.
★ You will always have our discretion. We want you to be free to enjoy yourself without worrying about anyone disturbing your privacy.
★ Our vehicles are kept relentlessly clean from the inside and gleam like a diamond on the outside.
★ We are a very friendly limo service, from our representative who book your order to the chauffeur who make you feel completely at home throughout the ride

Call us at (405) 455-8094 now to talk to book the Lincoln Stretch Town Car. Our representative will make sure all your questions are answered and that you’re fully satisfied before booking your stretch limo.

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